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Treat your dog or cat to the best possible grooming experience in Austin. With 25 years of experience, we're sure your pet will look and feel his or her best. Whether your pet is the princess of the house or in need of a show-room appearance. Leader of the Pack Mobile can do it.



No.7 Family Experience
Our familly of human, canine and feline members believe that grooming with Sandra is a totally satisfying experience for us all. Sandra is completely professional, extremely talented, totally animal centered in her approach, and polishes that package with a keen intellect for what animals and their owners need and deserve from the grooming experience. We love her personally and professionally. Thank you for all that you bring to our family. The Kinney Family
Valerie, Cosmo, Harry, Ra, and N
No.8 A great experience
I do dog rescue and Sandra very patiently groomed my old, snappy, and overall difficult pomeranian foster dog. I really appreciated her patience toward his aggressive behavior and compassion. I was very impressed with her. She also taught me a lot and gave me great grooming tips. I would recommend Sandra to everyone!
Karen G
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