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Treat your dog or cat to the best possible grooming experience in Austin. With 25 years of experience, we're sure your pet will look and feel his or her best. Whether your pet is the princess of the house or in need of a show-room appearance. Leader of the Pack Mobile can do it.




Have you had a great experience with Leader of the Pack Mobile? These people have. You can write a testimonial for others to read as well. Why write a testimonial? It helps others find good services! We love mobile grooming, and it shows!

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No.1 Customer
Sandra has been grooming my kitties for nearly eight years now. My maine coon is not socialized to be around dogs so the mobile grooming really helps lower the stress. Also, many shops either do not or cannot groom cats. Minou can be difficult and the only person he will let bath or brush him is Sandra (he won't even let me brush him). If you are looking for the best groomer in Austin - call Sandra to see if she can still accept new customers. If not, she'll provide the best recommendation. Meow!
Cynthia Andrews
No.2 My cats look great!
Sandra did an excellent job on grooming my three cats. I could not be more pleased at how they look and the fast and friendly service. I highly recommend Sandra! She really cares about your pets! Thanks!
Cynthia Freeman
No.3 Best cat groomer in America
Sandra was our cat groomer for many years when we lived in Austin. After we moved away, our cats have been to several different cat groomers, but none of them are on par with Sandra. Max and Linda will never be as cute as they did after Sandra's haircuts!
No.4 The Best Cat Groomer Ever!!!!!
I stumbled upon Sandra when she was at Midtown Grooming, and am so happy I did. She does an OUTSTANDING job! Our kitties look great, and they always love their hair cuts! If you have cats - she is definitely the lady you want grooming them!
Guest User
No.5 My Dogs are Ready for Summer!!
Sandra gave my two border collies a summer shave that is so smooth people don't know that they are Border Collies. The cut is so smooth that they think its a short haired dog! They are much happier in the Texas heat and therefore that much happier pups! Thanks Sandra!
Buddy Quaid
No.6 Sandra has the magic touch
I've been taking my very hard-to-handle long-haired cat to Sandra for years and now that she is on her own I have loyally followed her. She is the only person around that can handle my cat's fiesty attitude. (My cat has been kicked out of several groomers in town.) Sandra is a pleasure to deal with and is a natural with animals - you can tell how much she loves them. Can't say enough good stuff about her. Super groomer! Happy customer, Jennifer(Kinga's mommy)
Guest User
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