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Treat your dog or cat to the best possible grooming experience in Austin. With 25 years of experience, we're sure your pet will look and feel his or her best. Whether your pet is the princess of the house or in need of a show-room appearance. Leader of the Pack Mobile can do it.


Our Services 

Grooming services depend on your needs by what kind of pet you have. Pricing varies depending on size, coat condition and temperment. Mobile fees are $25.00 for the first pet and $ 5.00 for each additional pet in the household. The van fee is for several reasons.  I am bringing a fully self contained professional shop to your front door.  Your pet is groomed in a quiet stress free enviroment with the same groomer each time.  The major benefit to you is that you no longer have waste time and gas sitting in traffic.  The benefit to your pet is that I elimate the stress of being kenneled in a noisy grooming shop all day.  If you don't mind your pet going to a shop and being in traffic, I will be more than happy to recommend a grooming salon for you whom I TRUST.  Every pet has specific needs so a phone consult is best to assure the best possible service.

I groom all dog breeds as well as cats. Whether you are wanting a scissor trim on a poodle or a lion trim on a cat.  Living in the Texas heat can be very uncomfortable for many pets and shave downs are popular during the summer months.  If you would prefer not to shave down your pet, I offer a coat maintenance program with a service called Furminating. This is a process of de-shedding the coat by using a specific shampoo, conditioner and furminator rake (with elbow grease).  You will LOVE it because you will want to love on your pet without hair on you, your clothes, your floors, etc. It cuts shedding 80%. I carry organic tick and flea treatments, oatmeal and hypo-allergenic shampoos as well as after bath rinses that make any coat shine and gets all residue of shampoo's off sensitive skin, ie. itching and scratching after grooming.

Anal gland expression is necessary. This is an animals scent gland below the anus. When your dog scoots across the carpet or grass they are trying to express it themselves. Larger dogs are more sucessful because of their weight. Smaller dogs seem to have more issues with glands. If glands are not expressed, they can become impacted and need vet attention. I do this for them in the bathing process. Ear cleaning is also a top priority along with nails.  I also offer teeth brushing and light scaling.  Dental hygiene is very important for your pet as tooth decay poisons the system and is the #1 cause of death in pets.    

Grooming prices include, ears, nails, gland expression, bath and haircut. Bathing prices include everything but the cut. Teeth brushing is $8.00 xtra. Dip and specialty shampoos are $10.00 to $20.00 depending on animals size and coat. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss your pets needs at 512-736-BARK ( 2275 )